for the love of food, eat well and enjoy it.
Life is beautiful when you work in a restaurant and can hand make your own salad with their produce. Lots of avocado because it’s way too expensive to buy myself!
This was my dinner last night and I made extra so I could eat it for breakfast. It a cold brown rice salad with all the raw veggies I could find in the fridge, as well as beans, and chia seeds. It’s also got of decent swig of sweet chilli sauce for flavour. So simple and so tasty!
Sometimes I try to mix my smoothies with the wrong things. Two days ago I made a delicious green smoothie and today I tried to up the anti and failed terribly. But that’s ok. It’s very nutritious. I think I’ll go back to playing it safe for a while!

Green Salad with Roasted Corn and Potato Wedges / Recipe 

This looks delicious!!!!!!

sushi inspired rice and salad bowl

easy vegan lunch bowls

Looks so good.

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